Automatic machine to realize round binded cushions

Technical specifications

Electric Power Installed: 3500W
Compressed Air: 6 bar
Indicative Production: 4 pcs / min.
Sewing head used: DURKOPP 867AE

Machinery description

The machine allows to realize binded round cushions without the intervention of the operator.
The two upper and lower fabrics are loaded by means of rolls, while the pre-cut sponge is inserted inside the two fabrics by means of a special loader.
The fabrics are cut to size on the outside of the sponge and then the materials are transported, with a motorized arm, to the sewing head that binds the cushion giving the round shape and cutting out the fabric in excess.
The finished pillow is unloaded into a box at the end of the machine.
The machine has several controls including the presence of fabric, sponge and thread, as well as counting of the thread present in the bobbin with warning when the minimum limit set is reached. The bobbin change is manual.
There is also the possibility of inserting the label during edging.

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