Automation Engineering

We have been manufacturing and marketing automatic systems since 1988.
Our commitment is to guarantee innovative solutions for the needs of our customers.

About us

RI.MA.C. S.r.l. is a family business that has been on the market since 1988.
Created by the founder Luigi Morazzoni, after a long experience as a sewing machine technician, the company RI.MA.C. has been able to follow the demands of the market by specializing in the development, production and marketing of automatic cutting and sewing systems for the textile sector, in particular for the following ones: household linen, polishing rings, funeral linen, filters, car mats and other particular sectors.
Thanks to a dynamic and flexible internal project office, the RI.MA.C. has been able to diversify its production by embracing various sectors and improving the quality of its machinery more and more, constantly learning from its experiences.

Our values

We are constantly engaged in research to ensure innovative and versatile solutions and in adapting our ideas to the needs of our customers.


Constant research to ensure innovative solutions and versatility in adapting our ideas to customer needs.


We have been working in the sector for more than thirty years, but we never stop researching, evolving and learning for constant improvement.


We are always at customer's service, before and after the sale for a constant and mutual collaboration, with the best care high professionalism.


We research and use high quality materials and the best brands on the market.


We want the relationship with our customers to last over time: this is why we are scrupulous in our work and support the buyer with our after-sales support.


Communication with the customer is very important at every stage of the relationship. We use every means available to make communications simple, fast and effective.

Commitment to eco-sustainability

For years we have installed a photovoltaic system that allows us to be energetically autonomous.
We have also replaced part of the car fleet with electric vehicles that are charged independently through our internal charging column.
Ours is not just an investment, but a commitment to the future.

Our services


In recent years it is increasingly difficult to guarantee fast deliveries for spare parts; we have searched for alternative solutions to always guarantee the best delivery, by manufacturing most of our mechanical parts ourselves in our factory, by monitoring customer requests to always keep a stock of the most requested parts, by looking for market parts through a network of reliable suppliers to ensure the best possible delivery time.


Thanks to new technologies we are able to give to customers qualified technical assistance even through remote access, by connecting the machine to internet.
In this way we can check the operation of the machine in real time, perform updates and changes on programs and show the use of parameters to operators, simply by connecting to the machine remotely.


We install our machines all over the world thanks to our expert technicians and the network of distributors who support us in different countries with an excellent assistance service.
During installation, the technicians transfer to the customer all the information necessary to make them autonomous in the use and management of the machinery.


Over the years we have specialized in the study of customized projects.
We are able to analyze, with the customer, their production needs to identify together the most suitable solutions to achieve their goal.