Two heads chair cushion quilting machine

Technical specifications

Stitching heads: BROTHER
Circle diameter: 30mm max
Max clamp lift: 7.2 cm
Sewing speed: up to 2200 rpm
Useful space under the sewing head arm: 205mm
Indicative production: 7-8 pieces/min (depending on the design to be created and the loading/unloading speed of the operator)
Power supply: 220v
Power Consumption: 3000W

Machinery description

The machine is made up of two opposing sewing heads with adjustable position, which simultaneously sew stitches, circles or small designs.

Minimal intervention is required by the operator who only has to load the cushion into the appropriate template and press the start button.
The machine then performs the whole cycle automatically:
- Brings the pillow to the stitching area
- Realizes the first two seams
- Moves the cushion automatically to make the next two seams.
Once all four seams have been made, the template returns to the loading position where the operator removes the worked cushion and inserts the new one.

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