R396 – Mattress Cover Machine

Semiautomatic machine to prepare and apply the band on mattress covers

The machine is composed of two sewing groups, upper and lower, synchronized with each other.

In the upper group, completely automatic, the fabric band is loaded from a roll and, with a constant tension, is guided through photocells till to the overlock sewing head, where the elastic is applied with a set tension adjustable thanks to a special feeder.

Special rolls move the fabric band till to the second sewing group where the operator apply manually the band on the flat part of the mattress cover.

The band is prepared and feeded in order to facilitate the operator’s job reducing considerably the production time.

At the end of the cycle, the operator can use the lower sewing head to execute the cross sewing of the band, completing in this way the mattress cover with this sole machine without the intervention of any other operator.

The machine is complete with fabric presence control and thread breakage control.

UPPER GROUP OPTION: Possibility to hem the band instead of overlocking, with the insertion of the elastic inside or outside the hem.