R246 – Car Mats Overlocking

Automatic machine for the overlocking of car mats

Thanks to a particular system of edge reading and car mat moving, the machine allows to bind with thread (overlock) car-mats of different shapes, granting an high quality production.

1. R246 with manual loading
An operator can load till to 3 machines at the same time.
Production Rate (loading time not included)
Standard front car-mats: about 30 sec.
Standard rear car-mats: about 20 sec.

2. R246T with automatic loading
In this case the operator has only to load a pile of car-mats on the loading table, while the piece loading on the machine is made automatically by special needle clips which take the mat and position it in the sewing zone where it is overlocked without the operator intervention.
Production Rate
Standard front car-mats: about 34 sec.
Standard rear car-mats: about 24 sec.

Both models are equipped with:
– thread cut and hot or ultrasonic welding at the end of sewing
– Unloading and stacking of ready-made items at the back side of the machine
– A control panel, equipped with a touch screen which allows an easy and intuitive program management, with the possibility to memorize the parameters easily recallable on needing.

NEWS: New model R246A with manual loading, for big dimension car mats (from 50×50 cm up to 120×120 cm)

**The showed production can change depending on the type of material, the dimension, the stitch length, the shape etc.