R242D – Double Unit for Quilt Binding

Two level automatic machine for the binding of quilts with round corners

Automatic loading system through:
– table for connection with the cutting system and/or sides closing system
– motorized table to align the material and load the two R242 positioned on two levels

Double upper and lower sewing group both equipped with:
– material feeding by rotating belt with variable speed synchronized with the sewing head
– piece rotation through a motorized arm which grant a constant curvature radius for all four sides
– BA2000 system for the automatic insertion of the tape at the beginning of the cycle and final superposition with tape folding inside the cut bind
– Program managing by touch screen and automatic recognition of the piece measures
– Automatic control of thread breakage, tape presence etc …, with immediate warning alarms
– Possibility to insert one or two labels in the bind during the sewing

Available with two different sewing heads:

  • Durkopp 867 Lockstitch
  • Pegasus EXT3216H or Kingtex UHF-9105 , chainstitch (modified by RIMAC to improve the results on thick materials).

EXTERNAL SAFETY NET PANELS to grant the maximum protection of the operator.